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Key Stage 5 (AS and A-Level)


"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore is not an act but a habit"




Key stage 5 caters for 16-18 year olds (Year 12 and 13).

The Sixth Form at Woodcreek School will be an exciting place! Whether you have worked your way up through the school or are joining us for the first time, our Sixth Form will equip you with all the skills you need to obtain your preferred University place - or set you on the right path to your chosen career.

Students will be allowed a greater degree of autonomy than previously and those who join our Sixth Form from elsewhere will find their new environment very welcoming. They will feel at home very quickly and will benefit from the supportive and personal nature of our school.

Here, students will choose a minimum of 4 subjects to study in Year 12 (AS) and are allowed to drop one subject as they proceed to Year 13 (A – Level); this two-year programme of study will culminate in a series of exams that lead to internationally recognized qualifications.

Subjects offered at this level will include: Maths, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Sociology, Global Perspectives, Psychology, Law, History, Economics, Business Studies, ICT, Geography, English Literature, English Language, French, Accounting and Music.


The biggest change from studying at IGCSE is that we expect students to take greater responsibility for their own learning. Throughout their time with us, the students will be supported to develop mature independent study skills that will enable them to manage their time effectively so that they meet the considerable demands placed on them through their studies. Students will progressively be given more autonomy and independence that will prepare them for life post-sixth form.

We also intend to provide our students with a number of enrichment programmes and extra-curricular provision will be crucial in helping them develop into well-rounded individuals that are ready to make a contribution to society upon leaving school.