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Sixth Form

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Welcome to Woodcreek School Sixth Form

The Sixth Form at Woodcreek School is an exciting place to be!

Whether you have worked your way up through the school or are joining us for the first time, our Sixth Form will equip you with all the skills you need to obtain your preferred University place - or set you on the right path to your chosen career.

The sixth form is a time when students are allowed a greater degree of autonomy than previously and those who join our Sixth Form from elsewhere will find their new environment very welcoming. They feel at home very quickly and benefit from the supportive and personal nature of our school.

We believe all young adults should be able to benefit from Woodcreek School education.

The biggest change from the O-Levels is that we expect students to take greater responsibility for their own learning. Throughout their time with us, the students will be supported to develop mature independent study skills that enable them to manage their time effectively so that they meet the considerable demands placed on them through their studies. Students will progressively be given more autonomy and independence that will prepare them for life post-sixth form.

Our co-curricular, extra-curricular and pastoral provisions are crucial in helping our students develop into well-rounded individuals that are ready to make meaningful contributions to society upon leaving school.

Thank you for your interest in our school. Whether you are currently studying with us or elsewhere, we look forward to partnering with you in finding the right academic plan that enables you to achieve your potential.

Curriculum Provisions


Cambridge A-Levels are among the most trusted progression routes to tertiary education.

Learners at this stage are preparing for university study. Therefore, the approach toward teaching and learning begins to mirror the independent and self-driven one applied at the university. However, since this is a transition phase, our school staff still carefully guides the learners through.

The teaching is focused more on developing research, analytical, collaborative and communication skills among learners.

Subject Choices

Our students will be expected to choose a maximum of 4 subjects of study in Year 12 (AS) and 3 subjects in Year 13 (A-Level).

We will offer a range of subjects - primarily the ‘facilitating subjects’ - those most commonly required or preferred for entry into particular courses at universities.

Select one subject from the given groups/clusters below. If your choices do not fit in these groups, feel free to discuss these further with the admissions team, to be guided on the best way forward.

These subjects are grouped as follows:
























 Entry Requirements

Although the requirements detailed below are the normal requirements. There may be special circumstances where they are not rigidly applied. The sole criterion overall is that the individual student studying a particular AS/A level subject should seem likely to benefit from the course and achieve a passing grade at the end. Obviously, when places are limited, priority has to be given to students who have met the requirements.

The minimum IGCSE requirements for entrance to Year 12 fall into two categories: general requirements and subject-specific requirements.

If a student wishes to enrol with us from the local Kenyan System, a potential average of C+ at KCSE is required. Students with lower grades are considered but might be required to sit for an entrance exam.

General Requirements

A minimum of 5 A* - C grades at IGCSE, which should include Mathematics and English.A good academic and behavioural record prior to entry. Subject-specific requirements A*-B grade in the subjects students wishes to take at AS/A level
External applicants will also require

Business and Technology Council Programmes (BTEC)

These are vocational courses designed by Pearson International to provide a pathway to university education, just like A-levels do. There are a variety of BTEC programmes designed alongside specific career paths that a student intends to pursue.
Pearson, just like Cambridge Assessment, is a respected international exam board; they are the providers of Edexcel syllabuses and examinations.

BTEC Programmes Woodcreek.

Entry Requirements

A total of 5 GCSEs, with grades A* - G including Mathematics and English. A student should have attained a minimum grade of C in Mathematics and English. Resits are arranged for those who will have not attained these minimum grades.

Specialised Support

Post A-Level Progression (University Application Process).

At Woodcreek School, we appreciate the need for our learners to choose the right career paths at the end of their sixth form studies. As such, we run a vibrant Career Counselling and Guidance programme starting from Years 7 upwards, which is driven by a well-trained and experienced team of staff.

For our sixth formers, it is imperative that they receive timely and correct career-related guidance and information. In collaboration with university representatives from across the globe, we equip our learners with information on the entry requirements and application procedures for different universities.

Throughout their two-year stay, students attend a weekly careers session where the resident career counsellor and our Head of Sixth Form provide information about careers. During these sessions, the university application procedures for both local and international universities are covered. These include training on how to prepare a personal statement and the importance of accumulating Creativity, Activity, Service(CAS) hours during their stay at the school.

Our sixth formers also attend regular career conferences organised by international universities. At such events, they get to compare the entry requirements for a large number of institutions from around the world. Visits to local partnering institutions of higher learning is a regular occurrence for the sixth formers.