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Student’s Leadership Program

Our Students Leadership Programs allows students to take responsibility and initiative. Students have the opportunity to demonstrate their sense of organisation. It gives them a chance to obtain additional experience which will prove helpful in applying successfully to the best universities anywhere in the world. We promote and support these programs as we truly believe that it is an essential opportunity for our students.

Project-Based Learning

Experience is the most efficient way to enjoy and acquire a solid education. Through a dynamic classroom approach, and a student-centred pedagogy, students acquire a deep knowledge of local and global issues. They are not only provided with a solid theoretical background, but are also encouraged to investigate complex problems through active and inquiry-based learning.

We make sure that students are challenged with interesting and insightful projects on which they work for an extended period of time. It is the most suitable way to prepare them for universities.

Student Mentorship

We have introduced a mentoring program. This means that every teacher is personally responsible for certain students. The extent of the role of the mentors is varied and depends on the student needs. This allows students and teachers to build a relationship of trust and understanding which also contributes to the classroom’s environment.