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Guidance & Counseling

The Guidance and Counselling department is an integral part of the educational process here at Woodcreek School. Our program is built on the belief that certain educational, career and personal objectives can be achieved when School Counselling is provided to students. The School counselling program is coordinated with the input of teachers, parents and the school administration. With the knowledge that growth and learning is developmental, the School Counselling program is also developmental and sequential.

The School Counsellor’s role is to promote emotional, social and personal development in students, in collaboration with students, parents, teachers, administrators and community agencies. Some of our many functions, here at Woodcreek School include offering educational and social advice, in addition to guidance services to students from Kindergarten to Key Stage 4. Our primary responsibility is to promote the academic, social/personal and career development of all students.

The School Counsellor also holds group counselling sessions, focusing on specific topics such as social skills/friendship, anger management and study/personal organisational skills. Students are encouraged to participate in these activities so as to help them further develop skills that will contribute to their success in school.

Individual counselling is also available to students who need short-term assistance and support.